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  • Exacon Inc.

    Exacon enjoys the benefits of being a market-driven company, responding to the changing needs of the agricultural, horticultural and industrial sectors. Farms and factories share a common interest in operating in the most cost-effective manner possible. As well, there is understandably increased interest in the air quality of any facility with the growing knowledge of the health hazards involved with Read more [...]

  • Farm Energy Inc.

    Farm Energy Inc., is a Huron County, Ontario based, full service renewable energy corporation. Although the name is new, the group is not, having emerged from a rural based machine shop that has been operating off-grid for over 15 years. Farm Energy Inc. (FEI) emerged from this experience with the motto, ‘We farm the energy from the Sun, the Wind, Read more [...]

  • Bluewater Recycling Association

    The Bluewater Recycling Association believes that in essence waste does not really exist. We prefer to think of all materials as resources that we may or may not have a use for, hence leading to their value determination as a commodity. The result is that we think in terms of resource management while others refer to it as waste management.