Negin M. Khorasani is the HMA GEARS ToolBOX Project Assistant with the Huron Manufacturing Association. She is your ToolBOX support contact at

Negin is a consciousness activist and educator, a Heartfulness meditation trainer and the founder of Be 8nfinite Coaching and Consulting. She holds a master’s degree in Architecture and is continuing her studies towards a doctorate of Consciousness Studies in Psychology.  

Her poetry and articles have been published and her architecture work and photography have been featured in magazines such as Tehran Avenue, Constant Remembrance, Heartfulness, Fipgara Bulletin, Memar, Architecture & Construction, and Contact.  

She is a member of the board of directors on non-profit associations that support public education, public health, and the wellbeing of seniors. Negin rejoices in supporting individuals and groups to get in touch with their inner being and meaning to explore the depth of their feelings and needs, to discover their unique ways of expression and to identify their most effective and impactful roles in the world.  

Negin is happy to have a part in this impactful initiative on the manufacturing industry with the HMA GEARS. The HMA is very fortunate she is on the HMA GEARS Team. Please reach out to Negin with any questions, suggestions, or for support with HMA GEARS. 

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