This year we are carrying out two sets of school tours in order to provide coverage to the students during different semesters, this so that everyone has the best chance of being involved at the ground level of manufacturing.  Our intent is to enable all student to experience what is available in Huron County.  We have a wide range of manufactures in the area and it is important for our student to understand that they do not have to leave their home town area to do the things they dream about!

We will be holding the bus tours again the first full week in October of 2017, more information will be provided shortly. 

What is asked of our association members when involved with the school tours:

The HMA is looking for companies willing to offer a tour of their facilities for a group of 15 to 20 high school students. You will only be asked to do one tour per school year. Tours are 1 hour in length. Tours are scheduled one or two time during the school year. The HMA encourages manufacturers to offer tours as an effective means of encouraging young people to think about future careers in manufacturing.
For more information and if you are interested in participating, or to register, E-mail