The HMA Board of Directors is composed of a minimum of 7 members and a maximum of 11 members. Up to two Associate Members can serve on the board.

When there are openings on the board, Full Members and Associate Members can apply to the board of directors at any time to serve as a board member. When the board is at maximum membership new board members can be elected at the Annual General Meeting.

The Chair, Vice-Chair and Treasurer are elected by fellow board members and serve a 2-year term. Executive positions can be held for up to 2 terms. Board Members hold their position for a 2-year term for a maximum of 4 terms.

Board of Directors

Andrew Masse, Chair
Andrew is employed with WindTrans Systems Ltd. / RAM Design & Drafting. Andrew is a member of the Renewable Energy Networking Group and the Marketing, Networking & Communication Committee.
Jeff Hearn
Jeff Hearn, Vice Chair
Jeff is the Production Manager and part owner of Epps Products near Clinton.
Ray Greidanus, Treasurer
Ray is a Technology Teacher with the Avon Maitland District School Board and is an Associate Member of the HMA.
Lisa Houthuyzen, Administrative Assistant
Lisa Houthuyzen, Administrative Assistant to the Huron Manufacturing Association and the Customer Service Representative at the Huron Business Development Corporation.
andrew k
Andrew Kemp, Huron County Representative
With a passion for innovative technologies and a knowledge of environmental needs, the HMA is happy to have an Economic Development Officer such as Mr. Kemp sitting at our table. It is important to have a County official involved with our association to ensure communication line are open and that our manufactures needs are understood.
Joan Wood, Board Member
Joan is a Sales Coordinator with Envira-North Systems Ltd. and book keeper for the HMA.
Stephen Oud, Board Member
Stephen is the Operations Manager of both Vanastra Packaging & Seaforth Elevators & Expediting.
Jan Hawley, Board Member
Jan is the Economic Development Officer for the Municipality of Huron East and is an Associate Member of the HMA.
Larry Livingston, Board Member
Larry is employed with CapProducts.
Kenn Hines, Board Member
Kenn is employed with Design Concrete Systems Ltd.
Maureen Kloeze, Board Member
Maureen is employed with Actium Resources Ltd.